We offer a wide range of Agricultural bearings for all applications. We also supply special disc harrow bearings with round, square and hex bores. Contact us for more info.

For standard industrial insert or transmission bearings please see our Transmission | Y-bearings page.

SKF Agri Hub for tillage discs

Relubrication-free, integrated solution increases farm productivity

Suitable for virtually any agricultural implement arm, the SKF Agri Hub for tillage discs is a robust, easy-fit hub sealing solution. The unit features a flanged outer ring that is pre-drilled and tapped to accommodate a disc. A stationary inner ring fitted with a threaded stub shaft helps ensure fast, easy mounting.

Extensive lab and field tests reveal that SKF Agri Hub for independent tillage discs can deliver several benefits for OEMs and end-users alike.


Catalogues, Brochures & Flyers

Portable Document Format (PDF)SKF Agricultural Y-Bearings Catalogue
This catalogue also includes disc harrow bearings with square and round bores with cylindrical and spherical O.D. (9.5mb)
Portable Document Format (PDF)SKF Agricultural Y-Bearing Units Brochure
Y-Bearings with 5 Lip sealing, SKF's ag seal. Includes product listing. (939kb)
Portable Document Format (PDF)SKF Y-Bearings for Agricultural Applications Catalogue
A full range to enhance performance and reduce management and ownership cost. (1.14mb)
Portable Document Format (PDF)SKF 2RF Agricultural Labyrinth Seal Flyer
The best agricultural labyrinth seal on the market! (832kb)
Portable Document Format (PDF)SKF Agri Hub Brochure
Relubrication-free, integrated, cost-effective (1.3mb)
Portable Document Format (PDF)SKF Agri Hub for Seeding Machines
Pre-assembled units with high-performance seal help extend service life and sow greater profitability. (611kb)