Vesconite and Vesconite Hilube are advanced engineering thermoplastics with a unique combination of properties specially formulated for challenging bearing applications. Tried and tested in countless industrial applications over the past five decades, Vesconite thrives in applications where traditional bronze and steel bearings often fail. In both dry, wet, dirty and unlubricated environments, Vesconite has proven itself time and time again as a long-lasting, low-maintenance alternative.

- Vesconite can supply up to 10 times the life of Bronze Bushes.
- Vesconite does not swell in water eliminating shaft seizure which may occur with other inferior plastics in wet environments.
- Vesconite has a lower wear rate than Acetal.
- Vesconite has a higher load carrying capacity than White Metal (Trunnion) bearings.
- Vesconite performs exceptionally well in water.
- Vesconite lasts longer than most comparable materials and mating shaft and pin surfaces also tend to last longer.
- Vesconite is the ultimate material for Stern, Rudder and Propeller (Prop) Shaft (Cutlass) bearings.
- Vesconite is not a laminated product. It will not delaminate.

Use the Vesconite Design-A-Bush Calculators to provide you with load calculations, machining tolerances and fitted clearances for your application.

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